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Longwall Mining Operation.

Global Mine Service Inc,

When we have cable problems, We count on Global Mine Service Inc. to keep us running. The service they offer is outstanding. They are the best in the business.Trouble shooting cables, splicing, couplers and repairs.
Jay Berkey
PBS Coal Co.
Pennsylvania Operation.

Dragline operation.

Dreage Operation.

Hello Smitty,
    Good to hear from you! Everything is going very well. The cable and splicing worked out great, no problems.
    I was going to mention that about 6 weeks ago, a large container ship was making a turn at the Port of Oakland, and dropped it's large anchor for some reason. They say the ship drifted some and stopped. Eventually, they raised the large anchor and discovered they had snagged out power cable and pulled it up to the surface. The cable was moved out of position for hundreds of feet, but no problems or damage occurred!
    We never new about it until we checked our substation and noticed that the cable was going under water at a different direction and was very tight. We reeled it up and re-layed, without any problems...
    I can say that if it weren't for the welded splices, it would have parted. We are very pleased and impressed with the work that you and you men did for us in December. It was well worth the cost. I have always believed in "you get what you pay for"
    I will be sending you some color information sheets we prepared on the project along with some Great lakes hats for you and your men.
Phil Mehlman
Great Lakes Dredge and Dock


Load-Out Operation.

Longwall Mining Operation.


Aggregate Operation

CM Mining Operation.


Salt MineOperation.

Dragline Operation.


Dragline Operation.

Aggregate Operation.


Longwall Operation.